Before submitting a support request or file a bug report regarding an app, please take a moment to check the Help Center.
The most common questions have been answered here to save time for both of us.


If you have a problem setting-up or using our product, please contact us: Don’t forget to specify the product name in your question.

Do NOT submit feature or press requests here! You can find the specific channels for these requests below!

Bug Report

There is no software without bugs. If you believe you have found one please submit a bug report to

Please include the following information in your bug report you file:

  • Versions: product and OS version
  • Reproducible: how consistently the problem reproduces. For example, does it reproduce always, sometimes, or just one time.
  • Specific: relevant details to reproduce the problem including links, screenshots and the exact steps to reproduce the failure.
  • Crash: attach the crash log file, you can obtain the log file by following these instructions.
  • Visual glitch: please attach a screenshot to your report in PNG or JPEG.

Feature Request

If you miss a feature or just have a great idea, feel free to submit a feature request to Please note that we cannot promise that any of these requests will be commented on or will be implemented, but we’re always open for great ideas!

General Questions

If you have any general questions about Halfbit or its products, please email to