tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:/discussions/disk-cleaner/30-recovery HALFBIT: Discussion 2015-08-13T10:05:33Z tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/37613862 2015-08-10T14:45:37Z 2015-08-10T14:45:38Z recovery <div><p>Hello,</p> <p>I've opted in Browser Data, which operation has deleted all the history and Favorites in Firefox.<br> I'd like to know if there is any way to recover the deleted files by Disk Cleaner or does Disk Cleaner delete files permanently?</p> <p>Thanks and regards,<br> Peter</p></div> Peter tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/37613862 2015-08-11T01:06:03Z 2015-08-11T01:06:03Z recovery <div><p>Hi Peter,</p> <p>Unfortunately it permanently deletes the files. You will need a backup to restore the data.</p> <p>Firefox may automatically backup bookmarks, it is worth looking into.</p> <p>Sorry for the hassle,<br> James</p></div> James tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/37613862 2015-08-13T10:05:32Z 2015-08-13T10:05:33Z recovery <div><p>Ok, thanks for your reply!</p> <p>Regards,<br> Peter</p> <p>Telefonról küldve. / Sent from my mobile.</p> <p>2015.08.11. dátummal, 3:06 időpontban James <a href="mailto:tender2+d4d6764c2f@tenderapp.com">tender2+d4d6764c2f@tenderapp.com</a> írta:</p></div> I Peter