tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:/discussions/disk-cleaner/40-switch-directory HALFBIT: Discussion 2015-10-09T13:14:37Z tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38099810 2015-10-04T15:57:16Z 2015-10-04T15:57:16Z Switch directory <div><p>Hi,<br> I am trying to switch which directory Disk Cleaner will scan. I selected one to test when it first loaded. I want to pick another now. I can't find where to do this tho! :( I know it's gotta be right in front of my face, so please & thanks!<br> hillary</p></div> hillary tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38099810 2015-10-06T13:43:41Z 2015-10-06T13:43:41Z Switch directory <div><p>Hi Hilary,</p> <p>After you select your Home folder you should not need to change directory. Why do you need to change the directory?</p> <p>Let me know,<br> James</p></div> James tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38099810 2015-10-07T18:08:05Z 2015-10-07T18:08:06Z Switch directory <div><p>I’d like to use it on an external drive now.</p></div> hiansc tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38099810 2015-10-09T13:14:36Z 2015-10-09T13:14:36Z Switch directory <div><p>Hi Hilary,</p> <p>You can not use Drive Cleaner on external drives. It is built to only scan your main hard drive.</p> <p>Sorry for the confusion,<br> James</p></div> James