tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:/discussions/file-shredder/33-ssd-macbook-pro HALFBIT: Discussion 2016-04-08T15:38:44Z tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38801763 2015-12-30T15:18:01Z 2015-12-30T15:18:01Z SSD Macbook Pro <div><p>Hi! Are "secure shredding options" safe and well functioning on a SSD drive? (Macbook Pro). Onyx says that "destroying" trash option is not recommended with SSD and Fusion Drives). TNX</p></div> Makko tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38801763 2016-02-10T15:05:07Z 2016-02-10T15:05:08Z SSD Macbook Pro <div><p>good question makko! i would like to know this too</p> <p>only the ata secure erase command works securely on ssd - and it seems there is no app yet for the mac who will do that.</p></div> hane tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Comment/38801763 2016-04-08T15:38:43Z 2016-04-08T15:38:44Z SSD Macbook Pro <div><p>Its interesting you should mention this, I have a SSD boot drive and Ive had some odd behavior from my machine for while. Nothing really bad but Id like to know it this is ok for an SSD also.</p></div> shunt