tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:/discussions Halfbit: Readr Problems/Bugs Recent Discussions 2013-07-16T07:16:24Z tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11884733 2013-07-08T23:28:09Z 2013-07-08T23:28:10Z I don't work it <div><p>Hi</p> <p>i bought this application but I don't work very well. I don't import form Google reader and not subscribe anything.</p> <p>I hope your answer as soon as possible</p></div> Alvaro Pedraza Manzanares tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11854317 2013-07-02T15:32:34Z 2013-07-02T15:32:35Z Can't authorize Evernote <div><p>would like to share articles to my evernote account. When I try to authorize I am told I have the wrong password or username for evernote. I have checked the username and password by logging into evernote directly and they are correct.</p> <p>Tnx Ian</p></div> ianmash tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11849652 2013-07-01T20:14:10Z 2013-07-01T20:14:12Z Center column broken <div><p>As soon as I click on an item in the left column (either a feed or group) the center column "freezes". It won't scroll or accept clicks.</p> <p>Version 1.5 on 10.6.8</p> <p>Dave</p></div> Dave tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11849602 2013-07-01T20:09:13Z 2013-07-01T20:09:15Z Readr problem with view options <div><p>I have the same problem as the previous user. View options, such as "Unread Items" are not save across quit and relaunch.</p> <p>Dave</p></div> Dave tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11442187 2013-04-14T19:49:18Z 2013-06-18T13:30:09Z Error occurred while saving <div><p>when is the update coming .. ??<br> the error is really annoying ..</p> <p>thank you ..</p></div> Ali Shamsah tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11659047 2013-05-27T13:42:18Z 2013-05-27T13:42:19Z DealExtreme RSS Feed won't show any pictures... <div><p>dx.com rss feed won't show any image on his feed, I can see them with other rss reades, I dont understand why I cant with this one...</p> <p>also I'm getting problems with feeds with youtube videos embedded</p></div> jploaiza tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11367332 2013-04-01T10:49:17Z 2013-04-25T12:04:57Z finding subsriptions <div><p>hey,</p> <p>any way to find a subscription?<br> I see some feed in the "all"-stream and would like to locate it in the many folders; but there seems no way within Readr to find a subcription by name, or get from a feed entry to the original subcribed feed within Readr...<br> ... or is there? :-)</p> <p>thanks + best!<br> oliver</p></div> oliver tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11367319 2013-04-01T10:46:53Z 2013-04-25T12:05:55Z export subscriptions/opml <div><p>hey,</p> <p>I found nice ways to import, but not to export.<br> is there any way to transfer the labor done besides a google reader sync?</p> <p>thanks + best!<br> oliver</p></div> oliver tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11359877 2013-03-30T13:33:14Z 2013-04-25T12:04:56Z text/link paste doesn´t work <div><p>... modification: it actually works, but just via the context > paste way. keyboard shortcut "v" doesn´t, for any reason in the above mentioned setup.</p> <p>best!<br> oliver</p></div> oliver tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11359798 2013-03-30T13:11:34Z 2013-04-25T12:04:54Z log-in to evernote doesn´t work <div><p>hello,</p> <p>continuing the customization of Readr, I just found it wouldn´t log in to evernote. just checked the login-data w/ evernoteitself, and there everything works just fine...</p> <p>thx for help/fix<br> oliver</p></div> oliver tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11359692 2013-03-30T12:39:18Z 2013-04-25T12:04:52Z Headers non-customizable in interface preference <div><p>hello,</p> <p>Readr looks quite good, and I am still starting getting a feel for its ups+downs.</p> <p>... first problem I ran into: while the choice for read text in the interface preference works, it doesn´t for the headers.</p> <p>help/fix appreciated<br> thx + best<br> oliver</p></div> oliver tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11338051 2013-03-26T21:07:50Z 2013-04-25T12:04:52Z I bought iReader on the Mac App Store, and now I'm unable to re-download it <div><p>I bought iReader on the Mac App Store, and now I'm unable to re-download it because you've changed it's name to readr</p> <p>I've moved to a new computer</p> <p>What do you propose I do?</p></div> commercial.email tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11323720 2013-03-24T17:49:36Z 2013-04-25T12:04:50Z Readr problem with view options <div><p>Hello,<br> When I open Readr it shows me all items. I prefer to only see the unread items. So I tick "unread Items" in the menu and the read items disappear. However, if I close and then reopen Readr it will show me all items again. What can I do to make "unread items" a permanent preference?<br> Thanks!</p></div> Dirk tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11286558 2013-03-18T19:53:29Z 2013-04-25T12:04:48Z Readr Problems <div><p>Well, I've found another reader because this one is terrible!</p></div> Rebekah tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11295021 2013-03-19T23:22:18Z 2013-04-25T12:04:49Z Readr bug or not <div><p>Hi.<br> I can't understand how to see full post in right window? At this moment I can see only preview!<br> Is there any way to hide left column with my list of feeds?</p> <p>Thank you!</p></div> Denis tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11277583 2013-03-16T21:44:25Z 2013-04-25T12:05:51Z not loading any feeds <div><p>Hi James!</p> <p>Thanks for the response. Today when I opened the application it began loading the feeds properly. But if you can tell me how to find the application logs and send them to you, I will still do so in case I face the same non-function again.</p></div> diane-crosby tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11271128 2013-03-15T15:13:40Z 2013-03-18T05:40:53Z Each new column loads behind the current column <div><p>Hello JB,</p> <p>That is the strangest problem I have ever seen regarding Readr. Can you please tell me what version of OSX you are currently running?</p> <p>+</p> <p>Does it do it for all feeds or just the selected feed?</p> <p>Let me know,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11278792 2013-03-17T08:57:27Z 2013-03-18T05:23:04Z 3 feeds aren't loading: Hacker News, Wired and Slashdot <div><p>Hello Greg,</p> <p>Firstly thank you for taking the time to report this issue in such detail.</p> <p>I am looking into it right now and it will hopefully be fixed in the next update.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/11270013 2013-03-15T11:27:04Z 2013-03-18T05:17:37Z Problems With New Readr App Google Reader Login <div><p>Hello Aaron,</p> <p>I am currently investigating your issues. Hopefully the next update will address your concerns.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8739852 2012-10-23T16:01:35Z 2012-11-29T12:12:35Z iReader displaying tag placeholders in place of content <div><p>Hello Stuart,</p> <p>If you are able to provide a URL address to a feed which is not working I will fix it for you in the next update.</p> <p>If you urgently need the feed working, you can run the feed through a service like Yahoo Pipes and enter the RSS feed you get through Yahoo Pipes into iReader.</p> <p>Regards,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8739708 2012-10-23T15:53:54Z 2012-11-29T12:01:42Z iReader displaying tag placeholders <div><p>No problems, I will close this thread and discuss the issue in the new thread.</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8056136 2012-08-20T22:25:02Z 2012-11-29T11:57:18Z Google Alerts <div><p>Just a quick update, Google Alerts will be fixed in the next build.</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8827031 2012-10-29T01:58:02Z 2012-11-29T12:30:54Z Problem with the refresh button <div><p>Hello Nicolás,</p> <p>Our developer is working on fixing this issue now, it should be fixed in the next update.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8724929 2012-10-22T21:07:44Z 2012-11-29T11:19:58Z Wired.com <div><p>Hello John,</p> <p>The Wired feed (<a href= "http://feeds.wired.com/wired/index">http://feeds.wired.com/wired/index</a>) is a "Partial" RSS feed.</p> <p>In an upcoming release we will have an option to convert it to a "Full Text Feed".</p> <p>Thanks for your feedback,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8839050 2012-10-29T18:19:44Z 2012-11-29T10:49:53Z Notification center <div><p>Hello Nicolás,</p> <p>I am investigating the issue now.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8706030 2012-10-21T23:27:03Z 2012-10-22T11:14:15Z iReader 1.4 Bug <div><p>Hello Andrew,</p> <p>Thanks for reporting this issue, I will work on a solution and it will be resolved in the next update.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8097348 2012-08-25T18:48:46Z 2012-10-22T11:14:35Z Only headings show <div><p>Hello,</p> <p>Please review how RSS works, we can not control how much content is displayed in a feed.</p> <p>Syncing with iCloud is an automatic process and if you wish to share an article please look under the "Services" tab in the menu bar.</p> <p>Also deleting individual articles will becoming in v1.5 (the next version).</p> <p>Thanks for your feedback,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8502599 2012-10-08T02:16:37Z 2012-11-29T11:34:07Z MacInTouch <div><p>Hi Jim,</p> <p>The feed displays correctly for me, can you please provide a screenshot.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8328602 2012-09-22T20:30:29Z 2012-10-20T13:09:24Z iReader v1.3 <div><p>Hello,</p> <p>This issue has been resolved in v1.4, please update iReader.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K tag:help.halfbit.com,2012-06-24:Discussion/8694184 2012-10-20T12:45:18Z 2012-10-20T13:05:25Z iReader 1.4 bugs <div><p>Hello iDude,</p> <p>Thanks for taking the time to report these issues. I will look into each issue and try to resolve your concerns.</p> <p>Thanks,<br> James</p></div> James K